Steelpuck Video

Video is becoming more and more important to the enterprise as it moves from advertising and marketing to include corporate communications across the organization. Sales, Marketing, Human Resources, Training, video is now vital. Managing and distributing video effectively is critical. Consumer video sites like YouTube are fine for a silly ad where it doesn’t matter if it’s surrounded by skating dog videos, but it doesn’t work for your Sales Manager who wants to talk with his team about a new product launch in 10 countries.

Steelpuck provides the simple and secure solution. Having a simple and easy video environment is critical as video is utilized more and more. From the simple to use admin area to the player itself, it was built from the ground up to serve enterprise needs. We let other systems handle cat videos and the ads that go with them. We don’t offer ads. We offer a simple to use, scalable, cost-effective, enterprise grade solution.

Simple and secure. Instantly accessible. Searchable. Shareable. Playable on all devices. Analytics. That's Steelpuck.

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